Friday, June 03, 2016

Hillary Bubble Boy

The thesis is that the media have propped up the poor Hildebast for years, but head to head with Trump they can't help her. She would need to stand on her own tentacles.
As a candidate, Clinton is like the Bubble Boy: She's been placed inside the warm cocoon of an all-embracing leftist establishment, never exposed to the normal viruses of everyday politics. The minute she exits that protective bubble, she's hit with those viruses -- and she has no immune system to help her fight them.
 It's short and worth the read.

The media subsidized Clinton into a position of power. She's now so vulnerable that a 74-year-old charisma-free socialist nearly took her down. Now she's got a worse virus: a case of the Trumps. Her immune system has been so compromised that she may be politically terminal.

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