Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hold Them By The Nose, Kick Their Ass

Articles: Bang: Trump's Second Barrel Explodes at Jihad:

Who knows what Trump is up to? I sure don't -- I didn't expect him to win the nomination. I knew he was going to really shake things up, but win? I was nearly as blind as the "experts".

But since he DID win, I'm willing to consider that there may be some real method to his madness that most people have no clue on. He sure has BO pissed off, which is damned good in my book for anyone that cares about America!

It's Patton's "hold 'em by the nose, and kick 'em in the rear." It's Muhammad Ali's "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." Trump knows this stuff.
I'm not all that certain it is really that sophisticated. Like the 2 year old being killed by the alligator, the American media and Americans are TOTAL suckers for "if it bleeds it leads". The more sensational, tragic, bloody, stupid, senseless, etc, the BETTER! This fascination is what is really meant by "pornography" -- the guttural, animal level fascination with the completely exposed pain, gore, raw emotion and humiliations of life. It is what man developed "culture" to rise above, and what Satan wants us to remain completely focused on.

In the political circus, the MSM plays the role of Trump from the left -- they demean, humiliate, RIDICULE --- as Saul Alinsky, self-described friend of Satan said, nobody can survive ridicule in public.

But so far, Trump can! He can smirk and fire back at the attackers and survive! He certainly doesn't do it with "teflon" like Reagan used to, but rather with NY "moxie" and a swagger that makes the left cringe so hard they can't speak clearly in response.

Does he have some grand Pattonesque strategy? Who the hell knows -- but I'm interested in trying to understand what is happening rather than just listening to the standard experts who were completely wrong on him so far!

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