Sunday, June 05, 2016

Losing Two Thirds Is "Success" On Light Rail

Joe Soucheray: In their universe, a costly train is success – Twin Cities:

The left LOVES trains! I think it is a control thing -- the train runs on it's schedule and you figure out how to work your schedule so you can meet it. The left loves that -- people need to be compliant. Trains employ a bunch of people that vote Democrat, and they lose a bunch of money, increasing the percentage to the economy under government control -- WIN, WIN!

Cars are bad. Some rich guy can decide to drive a Yugo and you can't soak him like you want for transportation. WORSE, he can drive ON HIS OWN SCHEDULE! That gives the "illusion of self determination". Naturally, the left will point out that the roads are PUBLIC -- but paid by massive gas taxes which are really "user fees". The PROBLEM is that those fees are NOT based on income! The rich guy in the Yugo might pay LESS than the Hispanic in the low rider ghetto cruiser in actual dollars, and of  course MUCH less in terms of percentage of income! Rich people ought not have that kind of freedom!

So light, heavy, fast, slow, dangerous, expensive, etc, the left LOVES trains! Having the train is SUCCESS! Why? Because it is a giant trophy that shows that they can get what they want even though it hurts everyone, including the constituency that they claim to be serving! (a better bus system would serve more people that need it FAR better for a FRACTION of the cost).

BUT, it makes them feel good and superior -- and in the final analysis, that is what "liberalism" is all about; feeling smart, good, in with the in crowd and SUPERIOR!

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