Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mike Rowe, Scotch, Fire, Ron Swanson

That Time Mike Rowe Drank Scotch With Ron Swanson:

Out nation could use a lot more "folk heroes" -- Will Rodgers, Audie Murphy, Paul Harvey ... even Paul Bunyan, John Henry, Rosie the Riveter, etc. People who are real or legendary that provide examples of what it means to be an American.

Mike Rowe seems to be well along on the path of being about the best we have today.

The linked article is worth a read -- turns out there is a video of "Ron Swanson" sitting in front of a fire and drinking Scotch for an hour -- just that. I especially liked this quote -- but it is pretty short and worth the read.

“The first thing that an honest politician would say is, ‘Look, I have no idea what’s best for you and your kids, but if we’re guilty of elevating one form of enlightenment at the expense of all the others, we’re gonna create a list of problems’…that’s what we’re experiencing now. It’s amazing to me the implicit value judgments that go into all the platitudes.”

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