Monday, June 06, 2016

Most Important Election, Voting 3rd Party Is Voting For Hillary, and other Myths

Wilson County News - Commentaries - Sorry Friends, If You Are #NeverTrump Then You Are #4Hillary:

Nothing special about the linked column, "Not voting for Trump is voting for Hillary, the future of America hangs on this election".

America was founded on the idea that there would be an "elite" of "like minded individuals" like the founding fathers that were educated, accomplished, men of reason, dedicated to their nation above their own self interest, that would provide PRINCIPLED leadership to the nation. The "principles" were "self evident truths" of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, etc -- I've written elsewhere that the principles were not "perfect", but they existed and were respected in their time and for a good period of time after.

Perhaps Lincoln is the last president that pretty much everyone can agree on carrying "the burden of office", not because of his own personal drive for fame, fortune, and immortality, but because it was a tough and critical job and he believed it was his destiny to serve. I'm actually not a big Lincoln fan at all -- I think Reagan was "good enough", or even HW and W Bush -- they were "honorable men" that SERVED even though they new they would be maligned and challenged. Perhaps LBJ was the last honorable Democrat -- I pretty much disagreed with 100% of his policies, but I think he saw the presidency as a critical burden rather than a "prize".

More important than "principled servant leadership" was the Constitution. Prior to Roe V Wade, you could argue that we nominally had a Constitution, after Obergefell (gay "marriage"), it's gone.

So the basic idea of a decent character and even slight competence has been removed post-BO, and there isn't any law to restrain the president. The idea of "saving America" made some sense in '08, and even maybe a TINY bit in 2012 if you were REALLY optimistic. Sorry, that casket is already buried.

Not electing BO mattered, but we failed that. I'd argue that Trump is marginally better than Hildebeast, but really, it is a bit like if Cleveland loses in 4 or 5 games in the NBA Finals at this point!

Sure a vote for some "third party" is effectively a vote for Hildebeast -- but the people that vote for 3rd parties aren't the logical type anyway! You may as well try to use "reason" to convince Charlie Manson that he isn't Jesus than try to convince a third party person that they are voting for Hildebeast. Voting is a simple preference selection method -- there is no "message", or "statement".

The odds your vote will be the deciding vote are roughly 1 in 60 million  ... or about 3x greater than your odds of winning the Powerball. CERTAINLY, anyone that says "my vote doesn't matter" ought NEVER play Powerball -- see "humans are not rational".

We have no principles as a people or we would not have elected BO twice. There are no "important elections" left in this sorry place -- hope for a civil war, complete economic collapse, or some sort of big natural disaster. MAYBE those are things that might cause a return to something like America -- but for a good long time it looks like BOistan and likely worse from here on out.

Get used to it.

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