Monday, June 13, 2016

New Job, Blog Leaving Facebook

I've started a new job and have decided that at some point in the next week or so I will stop cross-posting the blog to Facebook. If you want to keep following the blog, go to an entry and click on the "email new posts" on the left. It will have you do a "captcha" and then you will get a message in email to click the link and you will be set. The blog is at now, so easier URL to use "whatever" to get at it.

I may or may not talk about the specifics of my new job at some point. It is supporting and providing assistance to people with mental illness and or substance abuse issues 20hrs a week. We live in an increasingly broken nation, I'd love to see us fix that, but in the meantime, I hope I can help a few of the "walking wounded" casualties of the loss of religion, family, community, morality, personal responsibility, etc, as well as those like me that happen to have a mental health challenge.

I've not been secretive on the blog about my own "long term recovery" from issues with depression and anxiety, but OTOH, I don't dwell on it -- it's part of the hand dealt to me, I try to play that hand as well as I can, and I hope that some of my experience can help others.

The Blog is a bit better organized than it used to be. If you go look at the AAAA entries, they are mostly entries that have had high readership, along with a few that I feel are especially good (there are AAA, etc also if you want to "dig deeper" in that manner). The labels are in general more up to date than they used to be -- if you want to go follow some thoughts on "religion", "philosophy" or "American Decline", I think over 50% of the 3,700+ blog entries are labeled at this point. "Life" is the label for "stuff that happens to me".

I'd expect that blog frequency will not change much, it will remain "choppy".

Yes, the reason for stopping the cross-posting is the potential that "someone would be offended" relative to the new job. We live in a time where Christian, conservative, Constitutional, etc views are offensive to many. While I believe in people in the United States being able to have any view they want short of "pledging allegiance to ISIS" as in the case of the shooter this week, our current nation seems OK with ISIS supporters, but often offended with those who support Christ or the Constitution.

Thanks for your attention, and I hope you make the move off the FB stream.

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  1. Congratulations on this new work! I know you have a heart for it, and I'm excited to hear that you will be doing something you feel passionately about while also earning some income from it. That's something I'd like to do in my later years (it will be much later than you) as I'm working on building my career with Kwik Trip right now! Congrats again.