Sunday, June 12, 2016

Conservatism As Mental Disorder

Epic Correction of the Decade | Power Line:

The left quite often points out the "settled science" of conservatism, Christianity, etc being some sort of "mental disorder" -- "those people" are prone to delusions, lower in intelligence, rigid, unable to process "facts", unable to deal with differing options, anti-social, have unattractive personalities, are prone to believe things that agree with their world view, etc, etc.

Since "The Party" (TP)  is dominant, outlets like the NY Times pick these "studies" up with gusto as justifying all the view they hold about conservatives and Christians with "science" ... only the study they thought was important turned out to point the finger at THEM -- so never mind.

Part of the "Christian delusion" is that ALL have sinned and fallen FAR short -- whatever we find to be objectionable in others is alive and well in our own souls. The splinter in the eye of "the other" is FAR more evident to us than the log in our own.

Don't worry, the left will not be changing it's mind -- since they KNOW that they are factually correct in their views and others are WRONG in theirs, it is only a small matter of "finding the evidence". They will keep looking -- this once great "research" is now "flawed and forgotten", but rest assured, they WILL "prove their point" -- all they lack is sufficient power.

Once TP achieves sufficient power, disagreeing with them IS a "mental illness" -- in the USSR in the past and in China today, it is complete gospel.

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