Monday, June 20, 2016

Progressive -- Sixty Million Dead, Sixty Million Displaced

Refugees, Displaced People Surpass 60 Million For First Time, UNHCR Says : The Two-Way : NPR:

"Progressivism", which I call "Regressiveism" is "working as designed" in the US and world wide.

Progressivism is Statism, meaning the worship (acceptance without question) of ever larger and more intrusive government. Socialism and Communism are it's chief ideologies, but the concept is simple -- centralized ever increasing state control with "the experts" defining what is best for the less capable, less educated, or "unenlightened" masses (proletariat).

On the world stage, it demands "one world order" -- The Eurozone, the United Nations (eventually with added coercive power), or one or a few states that will agree to keep everyone else in submission. "All cultures are equivalent, none are exceptional", which in translation means that there must be "one ring to rule them all" -- when nothing is exceptional or worth seeking, then "good" is defined as "equivalence", and "bad" is defined as "anyone that is not in agreement". Such "equality" requires the destruction of any who would seek "excellence", "advantage", "movement toward a higher state of being".

The outcome of the primaries in the US this year shows how far it has "progressed" here. The Democrat result was predetermined by the "super delegates". The "voting" was a formality.

On the Republican side, the elite of the party still want to ignore the outcome of the votes and execute some sort of a takeover at the convention. The thirst for power is completely bi-partisan -- the elites of both parties agree that the masses are fools that can't be trusted. Their view of "democracy" is everyone in agreement that the elites ought be in charge and run things "properly".

The election of BO proved that the masses ARE fools. How could they be otherwise? The concept of "the good / the excellent / the righteous / the sacred / etc" has been destroyed. The BEGINNING of wisdom is the fear of God -- no God, no meaning, no purpose -- all is vanity and "foolishness".

So 60 million innocents have been sacrificed to "convenience" ("choice")  in the US, and 60 million refugees are now the global wages of the chaos of "no dominant power" on the world stage. Chaos abhors a vacuum -- the perversion of that is "nature" abhors a vacuum, which in a random, godless, purposeless "creation" means that nature and chaos are synonymous.  The symmetry is it's own message.

Chaos also abhors life -- for life is more ordered than death, decay and dissolution. Satan is the lord of chaos, death and dissolution, and as always he arranges for the inversion of truth and thus calls the regression to nothingness "progress".

The wages of our path are preordained,  none should be the least surprised at the spectacle before us.

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