Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Revive The Media, Straight White Male Republicans!

Why the president needs to be white, male and Republican: Glenn Reynolds:

Actually it isn't just the media -- NRO, the whole "NeverTrump movement, major hunks of the Republican establishment and all entertainment and academia as well. The only people that will admit to supporting Trump are pretty much the "bitter clingers" which BO successfully marginalized enough that they are killing themselves in droves. All the "smart people" just hope enough of "clingers" die before November to insure Trump isn't elected!

The whole linked article is worth the read, though the thesis is simple. With BO in office, there was essentially no real media opposition. As Reynolds points out, BO did pretty much everything that people are "concerned" that Trump might do, it is just that when BO did it, it was "their president" for the chattering classes.

I’d like to think that pointing this kind of thing out would address the problem, but my faith in our political classes is pretty low right now. So, given the realities, I have a suggestion for limiting the imperial presidency that will probably work: Only elect straight, white male Republicans.
Get a straight white male Republican back in the White House and I'm convinced that any potential presidential overreach becomes BIG news again. The debt and deficit no doubt will be issues once more, real cost of living going up with no COLA increase in FICA will be scandalous -- "pushing grandma over a cliff in her wheelchair".  Military deaths will suddenly be more important than gorilla deaths, and columnists like Maureen Dowd of the NY Times and EJ Dionne of the WaPO will suddenly rise from the dead.

In writing this, I realized that both of them used to have SCATHING columns about how much time W spent at the ranch, how stupid he was, how much it cost to run Air Force One, which foreign leader might have dissed W -- and just general malaise about how HORRIBLE W was as president! Hell, homelessness may even come back as an issue!

I had forgotten Maureen's name! Elect Trump and I know she will be back and LOADED with righteous indignation!

The whole idea of the old "it's patriotic to oppose the president"!!!! that was so much in evidence during the W years has somehow completely died -- just think how good all those folks will feel to step back into the vital role that they have so often let us know that they fill!

They ought to vote for Trump -- I'm betting their sales of newsprint and books go way up!

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