Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The Rigged System

Socialism for the Uninformed - Thomas Sowell:

When Senator Sanders cries, "The system is rigged!" no one asks, "Just what specifically does that mean?" or "What facts do you have to back that up?" 
In 2015, the 400 richest people in the world had net losses of $19 billion. If they had rigged the system, surely they could have rigged it better than that.
I check everyone -- even Sowell, yes, Bloomberg agrees --- in one of the much less reported pieces of news, the 400 richest lost $19B.

The rest of the Sowell article is worth reading -- socialism is failing miserably in Venezuela and Brazil, as it always does. Letting someone else pay for everything seems to sound good to a certain set of people, and with proper control of the media narrative, it always will. 

I'm reminded of one of my favorite analogies -- In gambling, "The House" always wins! You need to keep track of who "The House" is. In this country it's easy -- "The House" is "The Party". They are the ones that control what you hear and tell you what you are to believe. 

They avoided telling you that the rich folks lost $19B last year, but they REGULARLY tell you how things are "rigged". They indeed are -- they are rigged by and for The Party! Recall how much focus we had in 2012 on Mitten's wealth. To the extent that anyone knows the combined wealth of the Clinton's and their "Foundation" it at least rivals and likely exceeds Mittens -- the "Foundation" BRINGS IN over $200 Million a YEAR! Mittens was supposed to be worth $300M.   

The point is "the narrative", not the facts. TP insures that the masses ALWAYS have "The Story" as orchestrated by TP.

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