Saturday, June 25, 2016

The World Is New Again!

I drove to work yesterday listening to NPR and thinking how much they sounded like the day after Reagan was elected or the day after the Republicans took control of Congress in the '94 election. Shocked, dismayed, confused,  -- their certain model of the world damaged.

As I covered here, the idea that ever larger, more powerful and more centralized political institutions were "inevitable" goes back to at least "The League of Nations" which decided that WWI was to the "War to End All Wars" -- the experts were certain they had the answer.

There was the little problem of WWII, but the experts were undaunted -- The United Nations fixed the small flaws in the League, and as we know, we have had no wars since then -- in any case, as this article says, it was assumed that the move to "world government" was inevitable -- eventually the world would be ruled by a single organization, likely even a single person in charge of a massive bureaucracy. The "elite" would be those who rose through the single state controlled, directed, and approved educational / indoctrination system and rose through the bureaucracy, schooled in toadyism, back stabbing, and the stilted and obscure language of bureaucracy to take their place at the top of the "Brave New Order".

But maybe not -- perhaps the future does not have an already decided end. Perhaps the future is what we make it!
And so we launch yet another phase in human history, where what’s old — nations pursuing their own interests — is new again. On one end of the European continent sits Russia, a nation that is flexing its muscles and seeking to reclaim its traditional power. On the other end is Britain, a nation that has reclaimed its independence and now faces an uncertain future defining its new relationship with the world. 
Across the ocean, America faces its own crisis. Our technocratic elite has constructed its own self-serving system — one that mirrors the very system that Britain rejected yesterday. Our politics are more uncertain and chaotic than at any time in decades.  
We can’t predict what will happen. But one thing I do know — history never truly had a “side.” Instead, it is the story of action and reaction, and no outcome is inevitable. Britain has acted. The world is set to change, and history can’t tell us what’s next.
Hail Britannia!

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