Monday, June 27, 2016

VOTE TRUMP! History Is Not A Movie

I've enjoyed some Ken Burns movies -- The Civil War especially. I'm not going to bother to quote anything from his screed -- the same rancid out of touch rhetoric applies to Hildebeast and BO just as well or better -- and as I've said before, at least Trump will CERTAINLY have opposition, Hildebeast won't! If one could die of sanctimony, Ken Burns would no longer be with us.

We definitely need our own "Brexit" from the oppressiveness of people with Burn's attitude. There is a good reason that folks like Slick Willie get BJs in the oval office and wore a $60K watch while talking about income inequality in Davos Switzerland  --- BECAUSE THEY CAN! We live in a system where guys like Burns would NEVER point out the truth about Hildebeast, Slick Willie or BO, but he can say anything he wants about Trump with impunity. Our Founding Fathers would have challenged him to a duel and put a slug through the little slug.

Jimmuh Carter was an INSULT to "history", Slick Willie was an insult to even the concept of character, BO is an insult to Luo Tribesman, and Hildebeast is an insult to demons in Hell. We used to have a country -- now we have an insult to it's memory!

I'm finally starting to get EXCITED about voting for Trump -- a Trump win would make Ken Burns just as mad as Reagan winning, the Republicans taking the House in '94, Brexit, and some flunky not getting his tea to his "hisorianship" when he wanted it all rolled into one.

Maybe he would do a documentary on his hissy fit -- I'd definitely watch THAT!

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