Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Xiuhtezcatl vs $146 Trillion

Meet the teens leading an unprecedented lawsuit against the U.S. government.:

Imagine naming your child "Xiuhtezcatl... pronounced "shu-TEZ-cuht".

We live in a world without any semblance of reason, so this "cuht" has spoken  before the United Nations . In Biblical times, David killed Goliath and cut off his head when he was probably younger than "Xiuhtezcat", and Goliath was 9' 9" tall! Today you get a lot of coverage for suing the US government -- or rather the broken and bankrupt facsimile remaining.

So the US combined unfunded liabilities and debt are $146 TRILLION according to the Star Tribune ... but both "Xiuhtezcat" and BO agree that the issue of our time is "Climate Change".

I guess that makes sense in some universe. During the next ice age, perhaps the "intelligent" can reflect on wisdom and priority.

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