Sunday, July 17, 2016

Black Two Year-old Doesn't Matter

Soucheray: A cloudy day to bury a toddler who deserved only sunshine – Twin Cities:

Take the time to go off and read this one -- it is powerful. Those of us in the Upper Midwest have been inundated with the canonization of Philando Castile. We've had 5 dead officers in Dallas and three more in Baton Rouge last night,  no doubt partially as a result of that narrative and the force with which it has been thrust on the increasingly compliant and mindless mobs in this increasingly violent camp of BOistan.

Like the 60 million babes murdered in their mothers wombs, the 2 year old in the casket killed in black on black violence does not matter. Obviously Philando Castile's life DOES matter -- it is significantly responsible for the exchange of the lives of 8 officers who dedicated their lives to "serve and protect".

We still know VERY little about the police side of the Castile shooting -- my level of "trust" for "right-wing" news is similar to my level of trust for the MSM -- meaning that I demand multiple sources before I come close to any level of belief in the facts of the matter.

The MSM and the conservative agree that Castile had A LOT of interaction with traffic police. Like being stopped 46 times with $6K in fines. Naturally, the MSM wants to make that the fault of "racism", but one might also call it the fault of "government" -- all the licenses, insurance requirements, pollution requirements, etc, etc add to problems for the poor, the addicted, the not very dedicated to following rules, etc.

Like a lot of things in this world, it's a trade-off -- more highway safety means more restrictions on who can drive and when. The liberal utopia would have completely regulated safe rules along with complete subsidy for everyone to comply as needed -- but some people are just a little to lax or love "the weed" a bit too much to even avail themselves of all the "benefits" of the government teat.

As you see in this NPR Article ...
Many times, both Gonzalez Van Cleve and Sandvick agree, the system leaves citizens with no good choices — having to pick, for instance, whether to pay a fine or pay for car insurance.

No doubt NPR will arrive at the OBVIOUS idea that what is needed is federal car insurance for "those who can't pay"! Fine forgiveness for people below a certain income?

LOTS of people are dying -- here and around the world due to the policies of BO. The fact that nobody cares about most of them doesn't make them less dead. 'via Blog this'

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