Thursday, July 28, 2016

Believing Hillary, Trump Treason

Bill Comes Due - WSJ:

Near the end of the linked article, we find this from the WaPo :
  • “And [Romney’s] unscripted moments have not inspired confidence: calling Russia America’s greatest foe, for example.”—editorial,Washington Post, Oct. 25, 2012
  • “This pro-Kremlin tilt is unprecedented in the Republican Party and would represent a radical and dangerous shift in U.S. policy.”—editorial,Washington Post, July 26, 2016
WaPo reporting is pretty easy -- first you identify the party of the candidate. If D, then what they are saying is brilliant, credible, important, etc. If R, then  what they are saying is ridiculous, false, or maybe even treasonous. Well, at least they are consistent if you look at it that way! They are ALWAYS pro-D and anti-R -- it's just that the facts change to fit their bias.

Let's forget for a moment that pretty much since the Pentagon Papers, "leaks", "hacks", "whistleblowers" that uncover the "nefarious deeds of the right" have been left wing heroes, no matter where they come from. In fact, back when we cared about fighting ISIS and such, leaks of "secret Bush stuff" was patriotic beyond belief.

When the old leftist ally the USSR folded in the early '90s and their archives were opened, we found that Teddy Kennedy lobbied them to try to directly influence the '84 election  ... needless to say, the left could care less. For them, beating Reagan was of such importance it justified any actions, so certain are they that their positions at any given moment are the highest potential expression of human morals. (up to that moment .... they will be better yet in the next moment!)

But what does THAT have to do with Hildebeast's emails? Has she not already assured us MULTIPLE times that there is NOTHING even remotely secret in any of those? "Yoga schedule and wedding plans".  Clearly there is nothing to be found!

She told us that she has NEVER lied and NEVER will! Certainly the Democrats believe her -- don't they?

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