Saturday, July 30, 2016

Commodus Obama, Concern for BOistan

Media Helps Trump’s Image Because They ‘Cry Wolf’ on All Republicans | National Review:

Sensationalism itself is a critical part of BOistan. The news must bleat "Special Report!!!", "This Just IN", "We interrupt this inane show to give you something REALLY stupid!". Threats like Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), now "Climate Change" which MAY take place over decades and centuries are CRITICAL ISSUES! $150 T in debt and unfunded liabilities isn't even a story, where mere deficits less than $500 B were once "situation critical".
You can start the timeline as far back as the World War II era. In 1944, Franklin Roosevelt told the country that if Republicans were returned to power, “even though we shall have conquered our enemies on the battlefields abroad, we shall have yielded to the spirit of fascism here at home.” The press nodded along.
The left crying "Fascist" is insanity itself -- as I've covered in detail, Fascism, Socialism, Communism, Monarchy, etc are ideologies of the LEFT. We knew "chutzpah" works well when you have the media on your side, but maybe it works when YOU DON'T? Reagan did after all get elected and the media was ALL over the "danger to America", "warmonger", "loose cannon", etc when he was running.

On NPR and in the left wing press, "Trump is a threat to America" or "A threat to democracy" is pretty much a constant bleat. There is no question that they are all convinced that he is a threat to the "business as usual" that they know, love, and profit handsomely from. The unique thing about Trump is that the establishment Republican Party and magazines like National Review were EVEN MORE against Trump than the MSM. The MSM rather enjoyed what they saw as a "good dumpster fire" in the hated Republican Party.

The fact that Establishment Republicans liked the shape of BOistan well enough that they lap-dogged to BO and fought Trump harder than they EVER fought BO is proof positive that BO changed the game. By using the IRS to attack his enemies and ignoring the Constitution with raw executive power, he made it clear that he could reward and punish as he sees fit. The Establishment Republicans decided that they would rather be rewarded than punished -- and that pretty much nobody in the country was paying enough attention to even care.

America was never a "democracy". When it existed, it was a Constitutional Republic. BOistan is a left wing fascist state, and I think a lot of people recognize that at some level, even though they may lack the historical / political science background to fully understand it. As when a loved one dies or is severely injured, difficult things are HARD to accept. Many of us loved America, watching BO finally do it in reminds me of "The Gladiator".

The power structure didn't want to believe that Commodus had murdered his father -- there would have no doubt been MANY very uncomfortable with the rise of a great general to rule the empire. Commodus is of course infamous -- he is remembered because we sometimes call a toilet a "commode" to "honor" his name.

If something like America ever returns, perhaps someday people will say "hold on, I need to go take a good Obama" and freedom and justice may once more reign.

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