Friday, July 22, 2016

Going To War Against Police

The column  by Sowell is excellent. One of the things I hear on NPR quite frequently is how pretty much the whole criminal justice system is a racist plot to lock up blacks, and the "crack cocaine" narrative is one that comes up a lot.
The cold fact, however, is that black political and community leaders, back in the 1980s, spearheaded the drive for more severe legal penalties against those who sold crack cocaine. Black congressman Charlie Rangel of Harlem was just one of those black leaders who urged these more severe penalties. So did the New York Times, the promoter of many crusades on the left.
They had a very good reason to push for stronger measures -- crack was KILLING their communities! Naturally, it "wasn't their fault" ... the common black narrative was that crack cocaine was created by the CIA specifically to kill blacks. Strangely, it was ABORTION that was specifically intended to kill blacks (and other "inferiors" according to Margaret Sanger, one of Hildebeast's heroes), and it has done a hell of a job!

One of the other HUGE items used to make the case for "racism' everywhere from schools to criminal stats is "disparate impact". Blacks are stopped, incarcerated, expelled from school, etc, etc at higher rates than whites when you understand their percentage of the population.

 Consider this:
Although many people regard these “disparate-impact” statistics as evidence, or virtually proof, of racial discrimination, suppose that I should tell you that black basketball players are penalized by NBA referees out of all proportion to the 13 percent that blacks are in the American population.
Do you suspect that the NBA is penalizing based on race? Oh, but wait, the percentage of blacks playing in the NBA is WAY over 13%, and if you count the stars on the floor the most -- thus likely to be penalized the most, it often approaches 100%. Does the fact that black players in the NBA are penalized at a FAR higher rate than one would expect in the general population tell you anything about racism?

The amazing thing to me about the war on police however is not statistical ignorance, it is how government officials are piling on the bandwagon -- Governor Goofy here in MN and the mayor of Minneapolis have both come out against the police.

So is going to war against our own police force a great idea? How about the National Guard? "Which side" / "tribe", etc are we thinking that THEY are on?

I don't believe the left is "just stupid". Yes, I understand it is an election year, so they want to fan the flames of racism and black anger as much as possible to elect the Hildebeast, but do they REALLY want to go after the POLICE! The Police are the 3rd most respected institution left in the US  politicians and the media are near the bottom. Who are you going trust? Your local police force,  Governor Goofy, or the Red Star Trib?

Most of the officers would rather shoot Governor Goofy or some reporter from the Strib than your average black on the street BEFORE the current attacks from the elite on the police.

So if the police decide they would rather shoot your sorry TP elite asses than guard them, who ya going to call? The Black Panthers?


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