Monday, July 04, 2016

Independence, BO Has Made Us Safer

Baghdad bombing: Deadliest attack in Iraqi capital in years -

We all know what we are supposed to think. After 9-11, the US ought to have "focused like a laser" on Afghanistan, never opened Gitmo, never tried to gather information from "Islamic Terrorists" (they don't actually exist, just ask BO and the American media!), and generally kept a low profile.

Just like BO has done! He is "the one" -- the world is MUCH "better, safer, more just, more peaceful ... just "better""! W was a complete fool, BO is a total genius -- sure there are racists that don't like him, but they are just racists (and fools) -- nobody can have a different opinion from BO, it's "un-American!" -- and he is quick to point that out on many issues. To disagree with his stenchfulness is "not what America is about"!

How the hell did this nation ever have the gumption to break off from what as then the most powerful nation on earth and go off INDEPENDENTLY? ! What sort of nation was that one? Who WERE those people?

So we see more an more people gunned down in the US because "there isn't common sense gun control" -- Islam has NOTHING to do with it even if they scream Allah Akbar at the top of their lungs and pledge allegiance to ISIS in taped messages. It makes no difference -- only racists and fools would listen to anyone but BO and the media. Bombs are going off all over the world at an increasing rate, and that is just fine -- nothing to do with Islam, really nobody's fault -- maybe Israel, the Arabs have a good reason to hate them. Perhaps Iran having a nuke can solve that "problem".

You know, the old "Jewish problem".

"Independence" is a sign of insanity -- just look at the poor Brits! How COULD they do something so stupid and foolish as to leave the EU! -- larger and larger government, more and more regional and world associations are INEVITABLE -- nobody would want to be "on the wrong side of history" would they?

"independence" is a dirty word -- "You didn't build that yourself!". DEPENDENCE is now considered to be strength, intelligence, etc. Why does BOistan even have an "Independence Day"? Let alone one on which people explode stuff bringing to mind artillery and military strength. "What difference, at this point, does it make?" (Hillary) Why WOULD we want to remember the "bad old days" of thinking that independence was a  VIRTUE?

BOistan is a lot of things -- but celebrating "independence" in it is truly major league insanity!

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