Friday, July 08, 2016

Iraq, Saddam, Trump, What You Should Think Now

Trump, Saddam and why people mistrust the media - The Washington Post:

It's time for a "reset" on Iraq it seems, and Hildebeast has spoken, so WaPo wants to make it clear that any confusion is the "fault of the media".

Trump thinks it was a mistake to go into Iraq and depose Saddam:
"Iraq used to be: No terrorism," Trump said. "He would kill the terrorists immediately. Now it's Harvard for terrorism."
Trump has consistently said that W made a horrible mistake when he went into Iraq. MANY "sources", including Hildebeast have agreed with that position MANY times -- "Saddam was a stabilizing force", "Al Qaeda wasn't wasn't in Iraq until W attacked", etc.

My view, Tony Blair's view, and W's was and is that Saddam and his sons were ruthless killers, willing to bargain with ANYONE that they thought to their advantage including al-Zarqawi, who was in Iraq in 2003 -- Saddam and family would have gotten a along well with Hildebeast or BO for that matter. Just like the Iranians.

However, we just hit a "reset":
So what was different last night? Clinton's campaign said it was different. In Politico, we learn that Trump's Hussein praise "finally caught up with him" because "Hillary Clinton's campaign tore into his latest comments." NBC News notes that Trump said this at a rally with Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), which could lead to a clash and some awkward questions; otherwise, the only new thing is that "Hillary Clinton's campaign seized the opportunity to once more paint Trump as unfit for office."
When you are the candidate of "The Party" (TP-D), the TP media dances to your tune -- if you say "Deposing Saddam was a good idea" -- then dammit, IT WAS! Now you said the opposite before, anx naturally W is STILL WRONG / stupid, etc  -- that part didn't change, but Trump is VERY wrong, and whatever was said before is down the memory hole. Get your stinkin minds right you little people -- HILDEBEAST HAS SPOKEN!

But as WaPo points out, people DO get "confused". They vaguely remember that "going into Iraq was a TERRIBLE idea" -- and "Bush LIED", so somehow they were supposed to think that "lying is bad and Saddam was at least OK". Now here comes Trump that spouts just what TP and Hildebeast used to spout, but THEN, "Crooked Hillary" changes her mind! Right at the same time that even the director of the FBI says that she LIED ( A **LOT** ), but now lying is OK cuz Hildebeast does it, and nobody is going to prosecute her cuz she is Hildebeast -- and other people aren't.

So now "Bush who LIED" and made a horrible mistake by going into Iraq actually did a GOOD thing! Cuz crooked lying Hildebeast assured us that Saddam was BAD, and needed to be removed.

Well, as WaPo points out, it just gets confusing to "the little people" -- and that MUST be "the media's fault"!

And that is the way it is in BOistan today!

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