Thursday, July 07, 2016

Little Weed In The Car, Four Lavishly Dead In "Shy-Ka-Go"

Explosive Video of Minnesota Police Shooting Gets Worldwide Attention | Power Line:

I'm an old enough fool to remember when "Four Dead In O-High-O" was a BIG DEAL!

See, over the 4th weekend, 64 were shot in Chicago, of which 4 died -- I'm not going to go to the racial profiling, but I think we all know what color most of them were. Their lives don't matter, they didn't fit the narrative.

I got to listen to about 30 min of the "special coverage" from MPR today -- somehow they didn't mention "the little weed in the car", nor the officer being "Chinese". I could swear the Chinese were used as "Coolies" or virtual slave labor in the West during the 1800's, but I must be wrong -- apparently the officers ancestors where racist Chinese "crackers" -- somehow I don't remember that many Chinese slaveholders from "Gone With the Wind", but I'm sure they were in there.

The MAIN thing that we ought all realize is that NOBODY knows a damned thing about this incident! MPR has the name of Philando Castile canonized beyond human standards, Philandro being the greatest human paragon to ever draw breath, gunned down in cold blood over a broken taillight. Jamar Clark was similarly wonderful -- and remains so in the minds of many in the media and black community. Beating women is OK in some cases.

Anyone with the tiniest bit of independent thought is totally aware of the fact that the bulk of the public is yet again being played like marionettes, with social media allowing the current simulacrum shadows of humanity to bleat in unison of how "shocked, saddened, outraged, etc" they all are at this certain miscarriage of "justice". Why BO himself, protector of serial liar Hildebeast, whose FBI flunky was up before Congress today (though nobody cares) is due to tell the wool bearers what are to be thinking this evening. The concept of "justice" and BO being uttered in any context gives surrealism a bad name.

In an age where even some tiny percentage of the public had even small shreds of "common sense", or "perspective" -- elements utterly missing from discourse today, nobody would be rushing to any sort of conclusions on the basis of a calm girlfriend named "Lavish" doing the play by play by play while her boyfriend bled to death in front of her. We have yet to hear word one from the "Chinese" officer -- though the court of media and our vaunted leader have made up the minds of the clueless already. 

Hey we are supposed to KNOW that they were "doing nothing wrong" -- "just a little weed in the car" you know? Heck, even BO was prone to a "lot of booze and weed, a little blow, but no smack"  (as discussed in his first autobiography) -- and we ALL know that "he is cool". 

The KEY here is that we are all to learn to be TOLD "What difference, at this point, does it make"???  We are all assumed to be so docile and stupid that we are ready to bleat whatever our "betters" tell us, and ignore everything else! 

It appears that for something over 80% of the nation -- that is the sorry state of what used to be independent "Americans". Gone -- and forgotten by most. 

America -- bled to death under BO, nobody even cared.

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