Monday, July 25, 2016

Open Letter From BOistan, Lost In Wrong Country

An Open Letter to My Friends Who Support Donald Trump:

This "open letter" gives us a wonderful insight into "liberal" thinking.
But I can’t understand why you would support someone as hateful, sexist, racist and ignorant as Donald Trump.
If some crackhead black mom murders her children, it would be SHAMEFUL to "judge her" -- why it would be societies fault, hundreds of years of racism, her poor childhood, opportunistic drug dealers, urban blight, income inequality, global warming, ANYTHING but her fault!!  In any case, "labelling" people  is always supposedly wrong for liberals  -- with enough government spending, unionized education and community programs, ANYONE can be "rehabilitated".  (but then consistency is unknown to liberals, so who is to say?)

But Trump and his supporters CAN be labeled!  ... he is "hateful, sexist, racist and IGNORANT".

So does that sound "hateful" to you? Isn't this "open letter" just the reverse side of what is claimed to be the problem of Trump? Doesn't the author in fact hate Trump and find anyone who supports him to be pretty much similarly worthy of hatred?

Well, why? See, cuz Trump is "sexist". So the Democrat candidates husband is a serial abuser of women with very credible rape charges against him. You don't have to believe me ... go read the liberal rag Vox on the subject. Back in the old days of Slick, a man was to be judged purely by his wife's opinion of him -- if Hildebeast thought Slick was "ok", then how could anyone criticize his behavior? Let's see, if the Trump wives or daughters think the Donald is OK, then how can he be questioned? We aren't even talking "fondling" here, we are talking "comments".

"Racist". Is this like the "Taco Bowl Outreach" that we find out about today? I wonder what color the "bitter clingers" were -- or if you go read BO's "Dreams", is the idea of filtering out your white mother's blood racist at all? See the fact is that EVERYONE is racist -- it is just that the MSM likes to use that label like others to take down people they find objectionable. That "PC Power" and the fact that Trump seems immune to it is one of the BIG reasons for his popularity.

"Ignorant"? Say what? Calling someone "ignorant", like calling them a lot of other names says an awful lot more about the target of the name calling than  the name caller. What color is your jet smart guy columnist?
It’s not okay to discriminate against an entire religion based on a small percentage of its followers who have become terrorists by twisting the words of the religion to fit their crazy ideals.
Really? But it is OK to discriminate against the mass of gun owners because of a VERY tiny percentage of crazies? How about to pass business regulations to choke off whole industries because of a few bad apples in business? Pretty much every regulation penalizes masses of people in order to try to ferret out some tiny minority for something that government wants to sanction -- maybe just to pad their own pockets or those of their "friends".

Radical Islam is part of ISLAM. Gun owners generally have no trouble declaring the acts of their MUCH tinier minority to be abhorrent, but the mass of Islam seems to have a terrible problem calling the radical elements out as bad! I wonder how many tears the columnist has shed for gun owners, business or "bitter clingers"?
Trump’s supporters are angry, and anger is infectious. I can tell you as a non-supporter of Trump I am just as angry.
How about BLM? Hildebeast is embracing them at the convention. We have 7 cops shot down in just the past few weeks. We have marches with chants like "What do we want? DEAD COPS!", "Pigs in blankets, fry-em like bacon!" Seems like the author of the column wants to see a country with rule of law and SHARED ideals and morals, but that was America. That is gone, this Tribal BOistan. This violent tribe vs tribe with might being the only determinant of right.
If you’re not a racist, bigoted, misogynistic jerk, then voting for Trump simply because you don’t like Democrats is wrong.
My how friendly. So "wrong"? In a post truth, post religion, post law tribal BOistan, what the hell is "wrong"? The column author clearly means POWER -- what he seeks to do is FORCE those that he labels with whatever his label of the day is to act in accordance with his will, or to shut THE F UP!
In this country we FIGHT and DIE for freedom, for Truth and Justice. We fight for what’s right. And what Trump is doing and saying isn’t right.
Uh? Not in BOistan we don't. "Right"? We threw that out with decency, gender, prayer, God, ethics, etc. We fight for POWER, with tooth and claw -- because BOistan is the Hobbesian Jungle where life is increasingly "poor, nasty, brutish and short" -- especially if you are one of the 60 million slaughtered for convenience on the altar of abortion, or the 6K or so black lives that DON'T matter dying on the streets of our big Democrat controlled cities every year.

"Truth"? The Democrat Convention shows you how tired a concept that is -- rigged and ragged, with everyone convinced that THEIR "truth" is the one that counts. With no higher "ideals" than power and pleasure, concepts like "freedom, truth, justice, right, law, etc" disappear like the morning mist before the raucous chants and slogans of ME, ME, *** M - E ***, and POWER! POWER FOR ME!

BOistan is a hell hole where vermin like Hildebeast live completely above the law -- profiting to the tune of $200 million a year from the incestuous fascist relationship between big government and Wall Street.

The simplest reason to vote Trump is EASY -- FAR Better a Fascist with opposition!

America is gone, welcome to BOistan my fine liberal friend. May those with the sharpest claws and teeth prevail! We sold our souls to BO, now we struggle as tribes, devoid of any shared values, nor and values at all save power and pleasure.

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