Saturday, July 23, 2016

Trump Is Crazy, People Are Crazy, Or?

Donald Trump Is Crazy, and So Is the GOP for Embracing Him | The Weekly Standard:

I have no idea how sane or intelligent Trump is, but we need at least SOME perspective here. If someone wants to question health and sanity, Hildebeast seems to be turning into a bobble head.

Sure, I agree that Trump's comments yesterday are COMPLETELY out of "the norm" for a presidential candidate, but they are frequent enough, and he seems sane enough to make me wonder if he isn't on to something.

The fact is that the National Enquirer has been in business for a long time and sells a lot of papers. MANY people claim to be abducted by aliens, and some studies put it as high as 5-6% of the population which would make it WAY more prevalent than transgender ( < 1% ). I think there is a big movie out this weekend that is about a spaceship and crew that has been around for 50 years in various guises, and none of it is real. Who exactly is it that is the authority on "US public sanity"?

It isn't JUST the Enquirer. How sane is it really for a major US news anchor to lose his job (Dan Rather) and creditability  trying to peddle fake documentation about how good or bad a fighter pilot a sitting president was 30 years prior? How sane or intelligent are the people that cared about the story?

Did we REALLY have a special prosecutor for three and one half YEARS to "investigate" if a CIA "agent" who drove into the office at Langley every day had been "outed"? How can a people that are supposed to be self governing allow that to happen? During WARTIME!

So what might it be that he is doing?

My theory is that he may actually be trying to "Make America Sane Again". I've pointed out that the left runs a total sideshow every campaign season on Saturday Night Live, late night shows, and the general media. Do you really think it is an "accident" that "prospective first lady speech plagiarism" was a "big story" during the week of the RNC when both Biden and BO had past issues with plagiarism? I don't -- but the MSM expects us to, and to COMPLETELY forget about Biden and BO.

The primary thing Trump does is fog up "The Party's" (TP-D) constant outlandish narrative about what everyone is supposed to be thinking and talking about. He short circuits the MSM to keep his name at the front all the time. Sure, they may be completely certain that what they are saying about him is negative, but is there really anyone left in BOistan that believes the MSM? Gallup says that 4 in 10 prisoners in BOistan trust the media ... so if the media HATES Trump and 60% of BOistan inmates think the media is full of shit, then how "insane" is he really?

It is impossible to repeat enough that we are NOT rational, we are RATIONALIZING -- we make ALL decisions with our feelings, we just "think" that we make them "logically". People who have lost access to their emotions due to brain injury are completely unable to make decisions! Our left brain acts as a "lawyer" trying to make "the case" for the decision that the right brain made using emotion!

A nation with something like $140 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities and debt that thinks that "Global Warming" is a significant problem even though it has been going on for the last 10 thousand years? The president and leading candidate for the dominant political party dare not say "Islamic Terrorism" even when attackers are screaming their allegiance to ISLAMIC State and yelling Allah Akbar! as they carry out attacks on a regular basis. The percentage of BOistan inmates with jobs is lower than what America had back in the "sick seventies" when Jimmuh Carter was being attacked by swimming rabbits ...

BUT, to point out any of this is branded by TP and it's media as "dark".  TP is used to being able to tell the WHOLE narrative and have vast majorities at least tacitly buy into their spin. Trump has at least caused there to be "another identifiable narrative". Is it "true"? Narratives never are purely "true or false" -- they are STORIES, human understandable stories that involve emotion.

We KNOW the BOistan story backwards and forwards now. BO and the government are great and good, we thank them for our daily bread and the margin of security they deem we deserve. We bow to their wishes and gladly accept that they and loyal TP people are above the law. There is no law but TP, and BO is it's current messenger, and we will gladly bow and scrape on bended knee to have Hildebeast for our jailer for the next term. Yea, though there exist evil people who lie to us about gods higher than BO or Hildebeast, we will not listen -- we love thinking as we are told to think and will listen to nothing else!!!

The Trump story may be a complete lie, but it is different. He harkens back to "America" -- a place where GOD was NOT the government, nor the ruling potentate. A place were given personal responsibility and HARD WORK,  **YOU** could make something of **YOURSELF**! The answer to everything was not "a government program". America was actually EXCEPTIONAL -- it was something to be REVERED! It's Constitution and ideas had MEANING -- they were not supposed to be torn down and "changed" so someone could "hope" that something decent might pop up by accident!

When you are faced with a problem -- say a serious spinal injury as a "random thing", one way to "handle it" would be to lay back and "hope" that "somebody" came up with something to "fix it". Maybe "stem cells", or some miracle technology.

OR ... you could get busy trying to make as much progress as you possibly could with what you have left. Sure you will need resources and assistance, but the FOCUS is on SELF MOTIVATION and  HARD WORK!

We have generally slipped so far as a nation that a very significant portion of the country are happy prisoners of BOistan and are waiting for someone to "fix it" from Washington. In any case, they are not responsible -- and afraid that Trump might actually be "demanding", as in "putting the country back to work". They would rather be taken care of --

Sure, we lost America and fell into BOistan -- and it may well be that Trump is a complete charlatan. However, we KNOW what BOistan is about -- turning over ALL our individual character, gumption, dreams, futures, etc to our jailers, and continuing to give them greater and greater power to do whatever they want to us with more and more force.

What we have here are extreme differences in world view -- and to the "other side", each side is "crazy".

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