Thursday, July 28, 2016

WaPo Excited About Trump, Worried About BOistan

Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy - The Washington Post:

A threat to "American democracy"? If they had noticed BO and his views, we might even still have some shreds of America -- it was a Constitutional Republic, not that I'd expect the WaPo to remember that.  I'm not sure what BOistan is -- Fascist mess? Set of tribes squatting on lands once belonging to now bankrupt nation? A cruel joke?

No character? No experience? Slick Willie established that this nation was fine with a president who had no character. BO never ran anything -- not even a lemonade stand, prior to taking office. Between Slick, BO and Hildebeast, Trump is WAY ahead of all three on character, experience, truthfulness and support for the Constitution!

Which of course still says that BOistan is a sorry place, since the other three set such a low bar that even being compared to them is an embarrassment.

I did like this one.

The Republican Party has moved the lunatic fringe onto center stage, with discourse that renders impossible the kind of substantive debate upon which any civil democracy depends.
A major NY real estate mogul and TV star who the US press had very little negative to say about prior to the rise in his candidacy is now "the lunatic fringe" as described by what once ascribed to be a paper that claimed to not be an equivalent of "Pravda" in the old USSR. During much of last year, they even liked his candidacy because they hoped he would run as a 3rd party and make it a cakewalk for Hildebeast.

The election of Trump would definitely be right up there with Reagan being elected in '80 and the Republicans taking the House in '94 -- WaPo, NPR and the NY Times would have hemorrhages!

I'm starting to get fired up!

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