Monday, August 01, 2016

Clinton Character Consistent, Just Consistently Bad

Why can't Hildebeast stop lying and why can't Slick stop womanizing?

Because it is WHO THEY ARE, and even their supporters may be infuriated by it, but it is not going to change!

The particular supporter in the linked column even realizes that they will override all oversight, but that STILL doesn't matter!

Read here if you want to know about the FBI’s findings. In addition, her actions were an assault on the Freedom of Information Act and the hallowed concept of legislative oversight.
Only it ISN'T "hallowed" if major papers and whole parties are willing to "let it slide" because they think "Trump is worse". That is the same sort of logic that got us BO!

BOistan is a nasty place, but it is CERTAIN to be nastier if Hildebeast takes over because guys like the linked columnist will not oppose here, even though they fully know she is a fully lawless liar!


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