Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Clintons As Role Models, Legal Corruption

How Hillary And Bill Clinton Became Millionaires : NPR:

This article made me think of a trip I made to White Plains with IBM in '84. At that time, the PC business was going gangbusters as was every other business IBM was in, from Mainframes, to S/38 to S/36, to Token Ring, to SNA (IBM's version of what TCP/IP ought to have been). At the meeting, we were treated to the litany "Only 20% of people graduate from College. IBM only hires from the top 10% of those graduates, and only the top 1% of IBMers get to come to a session like this -- you are "the best of the best""

I didn't say anything, but thought "Well, with the possible exception of me, the whole class would get their asses kicked in an average Northern WI bar, there HAS to be SOMETHING really wrong with that analysis".

There was ... IBM had a near death experience in the early '90s, and nobody finds much of anything special about IBM today.

The article assumes that "The Party" (TP-D) is going to continue to rule BOistan, and that the biggest problem they have is to recruit more bright young folks to be top level bureaucrats and maybe even "Presidential calibre" like the Clintons.

Maybe so.

It of course assumes what Slick and Hildebeast have done is legal ...
"The Clintons have always been very careful to walk about two inches inside the line," said Michael Johnston, a professor emeritus at Colgate University who is researching public perceptions of legal and illegal corruption."

There you have it -- according to the government funded media, you too could walk "two inches inside the line" and deal entirely in "legal corruption" and end up rich and in power like the modern TP heroes, Slick and Hildebeast.

I enjoyed this one ...
Hillary had better advice and more success with commodities trading. Her guide was James Blair, a close family friend and a Little Rock lawyer whose corporate clients sometimes dealt with government agencies. He helped her turn a $1,000 investment into a return of nearly $100,000.
Isn't that nice? Find "good advice" and you too can turn 1K into 100K with "legal corruption" just like our heroes the Clintons!

"Legal corruption" ... perhaps the cornerstone of BOistan politics.

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