Sunday, August 28, 2016

Convincing "Morons" to Vote Hildebeast

The Moron’s Case For Hillary Clinton…because some of you really are that stupid. « The Contrarian Blog:

I have a rule that the only "morons" in existence are those who use the word to name others. If you had any knowledge of the art of persuasion, would you really call those that you ostensively claim to be persuading "morons" as a way to convince them?  My case rests.

The long list of supposed qualifications reminds me of a person I once knew that had a LONG list of supposed "qualifications" at the end of their e-mails -- this and that certification, this and that position, which included "Notary Public". The longer the list, the less impressive.

If a "qualification" as anything to do with "Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, or any of the bottom 20 states, it isn't a "qualification" for a national position  -- if anything, it is a mark against you. You are small time -- not because you may have hailed from the small and insignificant, but because you you have failed to realize that nobody likes long boring lists and you don't list Aaron Rodgers pee wee league football honors at his Hall of Fame induction. Everyone came from the minor leagues, but nobody cares what you did there.

Long lists are BAD, long lists that are done chronologically rather than by importance of accomplishment are REALLY bad. "Commencement speaker"? SERIOUSLY? Tell me how important the commencement speech at your High School or College was to your life. Giving a commencement speech is a qualification for nothing -- listing it tells says "unqualified person" for ANY job, let alone a high one.

Everyone knows the only "accomplishment" that counts. She is a woman, and a woman that was to assist in establishing that personal character is no longer a requirement for a president. Had she not played a major  in establishing this, both she and her opponent would be disqualified. It is "historical" I guess, she was the major player in making it possible for us to end up having the choice between her and Trump. Had she said "as a woman, I can not continue to be married to a serial abuser of my sisters, I am divorcing him and calling for his impeachment", we would live in another country. As it is, she can be looked at as the "Founding Mutha" of BOistan.

She also ran the first (that we know of) Pay for Play State Department where access and favors were traded for cash to the "Clinton Fund" (Funds, for Clintons) under the first president with no experience or other qualifications to be president. BO established that your list of applicable experience can be "nada" and you can still be president. It turns out, not of the US, but of BOistan, but at this point that is all we have left.

By the "BO standard", BOTH Hildebeast and Donald are eminently qualified to be president. She has run a large money laundering organization and he has been a CEO -- that beats "Junior Senator Seat gained by using legal system to unseal opponents private divorce records against BOTH the wishes of the candidate and his ex-wife". (Jack Ryan would have beaten him if they didn't destroy him)

You really ought to go over and take the time to read the list, it is a HOOT ... a sad one, but funny just the same.
"Successfully sought to increase research funding for prostate cancer and childhood asthma at the National Institutes of Health."
World leaders quake in anticipation of working with such a specimen!

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