Thursday, August 04, 2016

Coulter Steals My Title

She stole my title, but she wrote a better column. It's a shame I don't like blondes or skinny girls, or I'd likely be in love with her. I liked this paragraph especially:

Yes, a candidate for president of the United States is supposed to be prohibited from discussing a dangerous immigration program because Khan's son was one of fourteen (14!) Muslim servicemen killed by other Muslims in our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That's why we're obligated to import yet more Muslims – including, undoubtedly, some just like the ones who killed his son. Q.E.D.!
She never made the point which I expected her to make. What did Hildebeast sacrifice? Her character? Her femininity? Her eternal soul?  What "moral authority" does the Hildebeast have after voting FOR the invasion of Iraq, probably entirely based on political expediency?

We will never kinow, because those that are bumping along in the left ditch really don't care,

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