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Crazy Trump a Plant? , 2nd Amendment Hints

Why Gun Owners Should Reject Trump’s Call to “Second Amendment People” - The New Yorker:

Remember when that crazy Trump said  "No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms."? Oh, oops, that was that crazy Thomas Jefferson.

Trump is ALWAYS talking violently. Remember when he talked about "bringing a gun to a knife fight"? Oh, wait, that was BO in 2008. 

See Michael Hayden, the director of the NSA from 1999 to 2005 who says that the WMD assessment was all the intelligence agencies fault -- Bush never lied! says Trump is DANGEROUS! The left suddenly finds Hayden a very believable guy saying Trump is a "clear and present danger". "Clear and Present Danger" is a legal definition under which the 1st Amendment can be suspended because the danger outweighs speech rights. In national security circles, a "Clear And Present Danger" is one that literally MUST be "neutralized" ... "terminated". So what are articles that call Trump a "Clear And Present Danger" saying?  Obviously nothing that would encourage anyone to take violent action against Trump, we have seen NONE of that, right?

We live in such a fun house now that no sane person has any idea WHAT to believe about our national government, political process, etc. I attempt to maintain SOME minimal sense of "logic / reason / truth / etc", but given what is happening in BOistan, such is really no longer possible.

Hillary once voted to go into Iraq, then she said it was a mistake and said that "Bush lied" and talked about General Petraeus as "General Betray Us" ... Hayden was head of the CIA at the time of the surge. Now, Hildebeast is back to claiming that W's original decision was reasonable because Trump is saying it wasn't. Does she even have any "real positions" other than  she wants power and money?

Hayden? Who the hell knows -- he is obviously closely connected with the Bush family and the Bush family is at the CORE of the Republican Establishment which obviously hates Trump. I'm convinced that the corruption in in BOTH parties is WELL beyond my ability to comprehend it.

I have no idea what is happening, but in an insane world, you have to start thinking "insanity".

The degree to which the Republican Party lap-dogged it with BO and the degree to which the establishment Republicans have gone raving lunatic against Trump leads me to a few not necessarily mutually exclusive scenarios.
  • "The Party" (TP-D) has already totally won on all but collecting the guns. The IRS is being used to reward their friends and punish their enemies. The NSA, FBI, or other intelligence agencies has enough "goods" on EVERYONE that are either real or manufactured to execute blackmail on a massive scale. (How hard do you think it would be for the NSA to provide "proof" that you trafficked in child porn?) In the virtual electronic world you can be set up as a trader in slaves, drugs, weapons ... an embezzler, etc, etc. The temptation to power just became too great, and TP has total control of the Federal Bureaucracy, so it all just "tipped over" and anybody that talks is dead or dishonored. I cover that a bit here.
  • Trump is either a TP or pure Clinton Foundation plant. There are plenty of photos of the two couples together at weddings and other events, their daughters are best buds. The meeting is easy to envision:
    • Slick ... Don, the Foundation is doing north of $200 mil a year REPORTED, and DECLARING < 10% going to "charity" (wink, wink, nod, nod) ... we are REPORTING that and getting away with it with no significant public concern! Of course the reality is we are taking 10x that and "giving" 1/10th what is reported. There are BIG investors that have BANKED on Hillary taking over from Barry. We need to insure this election, it is the best thing for everyone.
    • Don ... I understand, what do you want me to do and what is in it for me?
    • Slick ... We always play both the top and bottom of the deck, on the bottom, you don't want to be prosecuted on any of items that we have. They are not all factual, but they are all guaranteed to stick -- we own the judges. But I hate to be unfriendly, the upside here is INSANE for you. We know you want to move up the billionaire list, and we can guarantee it. Look at Warren ... just stopping the pipeline alone poured billions into his railroad! I can guarantee you move up the Forbes list from 120 to the top 10 ... Donald Trump, the genius that went from $4.5 Billion to $45 Billion in 4 short years!
    • (D) So I'm supposed to?
    • (S) Win the Republican nomination for President.
    • (D) ... sound of choking, laughter .... that is a good one!
    • (S) No, we are completely serious. The media will aid you early on -- you will hint that you might go 3rd party and they will be like Pavlov's dogs salivating over the crazy Ross Perot stunt we pulled in '92.  We have enough boughten folks in the Republican Party that will start a #NeverTrump movement and create a civil war in the party. They are a shell anyway after BO did enough deals to pay off the guys at the top to screw the folks that honestly believe in crap like "God, Country, Truth, Honor and shit".
    • (D) My God, I can't imagine campaigning, it will bore me silly!
    • (S) You WON'T campaign ... you will entertain! It is "reality politics". Hell, the "average white conservative voter" has been ground down so much they are mostly a bunch of drug addicts and drunks ready to kill themselves! To them, you will look like "Hope and Spare Change" ... hey, you could even make "America" great again! ... not that there IS any America left, but lots of the folks are too stupid to understand we took it from them and sold it to the highest bidder!

      You know a lot of people don't like "the beast" (Hillary) ... and hell, I can't say I blame them, but having you out there throwing bombs and crazy shit all over will get PLENTY of votes with the long list of stiffs running. My God, "JEB!" ... they would reject him as a cadaver!

      Besides, I like you Don ... I don't want to see you locked up or dead.
    • (D) $45 B for throwing an election, or I'm a dead man. ... doesn't seem like there is a lot of "art" to this deal, I hope it is at least some fun.
    • (S) Hell Don, it will be a HOOT, and if you can manage to deliver the House and Senate to TP, we will be talking BONUS ... Warren is old, sanctimonious and not all that bright. I can see you as our "richest man" -- telling everyone that you are all for big tax increases while putting your money in a foundation so none of it is ever touched. I have ALWAYS admired your taste in the ladies!
    • (D) I appreciate that Bill, pleasure doing business with you ...
  • Or maybe Trump looked around one day and realized that he knows the game is rigged, he is one of the riggers, but he was NEVER going to be "top dog" because, well, the game is rigged! So he decided that he was going to "change the game" -- he actually COULD run for President and WIN! He understood how he could make the media dance to his tune exactly how he wanted them to, and they would be powerless to figure out that they were going WAY too far and that voters love the rich, the famous, the outlandish, especially when they are UNDERDOGS ... a lone champion fighting a rigged system run by Wall Street and two massively corrupt political parties. He may not have much of an idea what to do with it if he wins, but he understands that winning would change the game in unpredictable ways, and he finds that more interesting.
  • He may just be having fun. He likes being rich, famous, getting attention, being talked about, being outlandish, jerking people's chains, etc, and he is having A BLAST! He well knows that if Slick Willie and BO can be president, ANYONE can be president -- certainly a guy that runs companies worth billions of dollars rather than a hick that ran a poor southern state, or a failed community organizer that never ran a lemonade stand. He is running for the hell of it -- BOistan is a shambles anyway, the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz would be better than Hildebeast (sans brain). 
So does the New Yorker really think that anyone that remotely knows what the 2nd amendment is cares about their opinion?
For anyone who cares about the future of American politics, the comment represents a dwindling commitment to politics itself, to the notion that, through rhetoric and competition, we might find a common way as a people. Instead, the Republican candidate made a casual nod to the final force of arms. At this stage, so little that Trump says shocks us, but, now and then, it is worth stepping back and regarding the full damage of it all: the wounds to our fading global image of openness and generosity; the stomping on our admiration for intelligence, eloquence, or honesty; and now the blithe contempt for safe and civil government.
 I understand that the New Yorker thinks that BOistan is a super great place, but do they REALLY think that anyone else in the world has a SHRED of respect for BOistan? Red Lines? Ransom Money? Chinese islands, Putin, Syria, ISIS, ... we are a laughing stock. BO defeated us, he succeeded in destroying the colonial powers.

 I can't imagine that the author of that paragraph actually believes any of what he is writing. "through rhetoric and competition we might find a common way" ?? We actually had a CONSTITUTION once and shared values that were supposedly "endowed by a creator". So I assume we can interpret "competition" as POWER and "rhetoric" as false advertising or essentially LIES.

Yes, BOistan is based on POWER AND LIES ... what else would one base tribal corruption on? "Shocked"? It is obvious that both parties and the media are shocked that there seems to be some shred of resistance to the power of the elite, and they are VERY excited to get it stamped out ASAP by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE ... they absolutely DO see Trump as "a clear and present danger", and I hope he DOES have some inside dope on some people in high places as well as some VERY capable people guarding his life. **IF** he is not a plant, he is in GRAVE danger!

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