Friday, August 05, 2016

Diebold, Rigged Elections, BO Rule

Obama: Trump Claims of Rigged Election 'Ridiculous' - NBC News:

Here is the lefty rag "Mother Jones" lamenting about Diebold in March of 2004. In 2004, "Diebold" was on the lips of nearly every lefty "before the election". If we wanted to look harder, I'll bet we could find BO himself "concerned" over fair elections.

An incredulous President Barack Obama called Donald Trump's claims that the upcoming election could be rigged "ridiculous" and said he's never heard "someone complain about being cheated before the game was over." 
"I don't even really know where to start in answering this question. Of course the election will not be rigged. What does that mean?" Obama told reporters Thursday after being asked if he could assure voters the upcoming presidential election will be fair.
This is an obvious case where the "BO Rule" clearly holds -- If BO assures you of something, you can be pretty sure the opposite is true.

BO has "never heard someone complain about being cheated before the game was over". "The game" in this case is elections and it isn't hard at all to find people that believe that elections have been and will be rigged. BO is from Chicago, the home of one of the greatest election rigging machines in the country, the one that elected Kennedy in 1960.

In BOistan, the leader can get on  TV and tell the country that putting $400 million in unmarked cash of various currencies on a plane at night and flying it into a country that holds the hostages until the cash arrives is "not a ransom" and a large percentage of the people "believe", or at least say that they do, because to do otherwise would take them out of being in good standing with "The Party".

Increasingly, everything from your job to your social standing depends on being a member in good standing of "The Party".  The ability of "The Party" (D) to state ANYTHING (the more obviously false it is the better) and have the willing masses all declare "We believe what The Party sayeth" is a cornerstone of life in BOistan.

Thou shalt believe and repeat as truth the words of The Party!

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