Friday, August 26, 2016

EpiPen, Is There A Politician In The House?

Listening to a politician complain about the price of anything isn't on my list of things to do. Has anyone ever  been in any sort of actual distress and asked "is there a politician in the house"? Of course not.

There was a time when we had a Constitution, Separation of Powers and LIMITED government when there were actually such things as "public servants". No more -- it is just a question of how deep the corruption.
Public Enemy No. 1 in Democratic circles today is Heather Bresch, CEO of the company that makes the EpiPen, a super-convenient epinephrine auto-injection device used to treat anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction that can be caused by anything from a bee sting to a bag of peanuts. At its worst, anaphylaxis is bad news of the kill-you-dead variety, which makes having an EpiPen or two around very handy indeed. Bresch’s company, Mylan, recently raised prices on the EpiPen and several other treatments they sell. An EpiPen dose might cost as much as $600, which is . . . about half of what the typical American family spends on cable TV in a year. Yeah, sure, little Bobby’s face is swelling up like a North Korean dictator’s and his kidneys are about to fail — but there’s two episodes left on Game of Thrones this season! And Daenerys is naked in both of them!

Spare me.
Why is it that cable TV, cell phones, restaurant meals, travel, movie tickets and certainly ANYTHING related to medicine in any way at all rises like a rocket (insurance, deductibles, co-pays, etc.

So why IS it that an EpiPen ought to cost less than six months of cable tv? My last pair of GLASSES cost $500! I tried hearing aids that cost $6K for the pair.
Thought experiment: Your child is dying. Who do you go to for help? Sanders? Clinton? Or one of the research scientists who made the EpiPen possible?

Yes, Mylan raised the price of an EpiPen. You know who else raised the price on EpiPens? Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, that’s who, and Joe Manchin, too. You thought Obamacare meant free goodies for you paid for by wicked rich people and evil corporations, right, Sunshine? Remember that medical-device tax? An EpiPen is a medical device. You think the politicians don’t have any self-interest there?
We are already rationing drugs and kids are dying because of it. SOCIALIZED MEDICINE IS HERE! Socialism = shortages ... and cronyism, and price gouging. We had LIMITED GOVERNMENT for a reason!

I have no idea if the cost of EpiPen is reasonable, inflated by the company, inflated by the cost of lawsuits and government regulation, purely for the profit of Mylan, if the government is looking the other way because Joe Manchin is a member in good standing of "The Party" - D, etc, etc.

The point is, unlike the emanations from Sanders, Hidebeast, etc, the EpiPen HAS VALUE -- it saves lives. Even six months of cable tv has some value -- I don't happen to have it, but there is a market for it and plenty of people DO have it.

Do some companies "gouge"? Certainly -- but unless the market is so regulated and controlled that competition can't enter it (and it may be in this case), then "gouging" is certain to bring competitors and the price will drop.

We need to find a way to get rid of the vermin we have in the political class today and bring back some "public servants". I see no way that can happen without LOTS of work making sure that government and the power of those that are supposed to SERVE returns to being LIMITED!

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