Sunday, August 07, 2016

Execution, The Great Satan

Iran: Nuclear scientist executed for spying -

At one time our nation spent hours of coverage and reams of paper on the issue of if a CIA worker that commuted into Langley every day ("deep cover") had been "outed" (Valerie Plame), it demanded a "special prosecutor!".

Now, we freely admit that Hidebeast's email shenanigans cost the life of a spy and nobody cares.

But U.S. officials at the time said Amiri had defected voluntarily and provided "useful information to the United States," a claim supported by emails sent to Hilary Clinton -- then Secretary of State -- and released by the U.S. State Department last year.
If we actually had any adversarial media in this country, just imagine how they might treat such a slap in the face to BO as the Iranians executing a guy and calling us the "Great Satan" just as he is giving us a fresh lie about his $400 million ransom not being a ransom!

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