Monday, August 01, 2016

Frack You! OPEC and $50 Oil!

Texas shale oil has fought Saudi Arabia to a standstill:

We need to go to foreign media to find good news stories about the US. Innovation still works, even in the face of the most negative for business administration in US history. The short story is that innovation in fracking has turned the US into completely a global player, if not THE global player in oil PRODUCTION.

"The Party" (TP-Dem) and it's media arm "drilled it" into our heads that the US would NEVER be a serous oil producer again and the ONLY "solution" was wind/solar.

The article is worthy to read -- we can and ARE producing millions of barrels a day at sub $50 a barrel prices, and causing no end of trouble for those "nice people" over in the sand pile.

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