Monday, August 08, 2016

Having Babies, Playing Volleyball

USA Volleyball Star Makes Comment about “Having Babies” That’s Pretty Ballsy in This Day and Age:

Playing Volleyball as a purpose in life is accepted in the modern world as worthy. That is fine with me -- it is always a mystery why so many that believe in a godless, truthless, meaningless universe, one should be born with "a purpose,  like volleyball, but as a Christian, it is easy for ME to imagine it.

Having babies? One of the Twitter posts from below indicates that "Donald Trump must be running NBC" to allow it's watchers to be exposed to such arcane thinking.

The modern left is far more intelligent than that -- having babies just isn't worthy anymore, let alone raising them. We have "advanced" far beyond that!

Coming out as gay or transgender, now that is "brave" ... and worthy of a lot of media accolades. Thinking such foolish thoughts as there being two genders and the reason for such is to carry on the human species makes one think of the worst human currently living according the the media "Trump".

Perhaps humans have simply become too "brilliant" to survive?

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