Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hijab Irony, Submission

“[I feel unsafe] all the time. I had someone follow me home from practice and try to report me to police. And this is right on 28th and 7th in New York City… 
I want people to know that as hard as [these racist incidents] are on me, they don’t come even close to things we’ve seen like the shooting in North Carolina or the rhetoric around the Khan family at the DNC. 
It’s ridiculous and we as a country have to change and I feel like this is our moment.”
In a world with no truth, everything is relative. Note the young woman is competing from the USA -- the country that "has to change". Sharia Law Islamic states? No concern about THEIR changing!

Islam means SUBMISSION to Islamic law, or it means DEATH which is also a form of submission.

Why does the the left love Islam? Because they believe in SUBMISSION -- they just think they can use Islamists just like they use Blacks to gain POWER -- the they may well treat them as they do Christians today -- or very possibly kill them and Christians just as they abort babies today.

There are only so many 8lb rocks you can dodge when buried up to your neck -- then you learn submission.

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