Sunday, August 21, 2016

Less Christians, Less Republicans, Less Blessing

Sometimes Satan's cackle is plain to hear.
"The trend away from faith is only bound to increase with time. According to Pew, about 36 percent of adults under the age of 50 have opted out of religion. At present, claiming no faith is the fastest growing “religion” in the United States. Between 2007 and 2012, the number of people claiming “nothing in particular” increased by 2.3 percent, those saying they were agnostics increased by 1.2 percent and those claiming to be atheists increased by 0.8 percent. No actual religious group has experienced anywhere near such growth during this time period. "
What a wonderful statement of faith -- "the trend is only bound to increase in time".  Satan himself could have written this article -- perhaps the similarity between "Salon" and "Satan" is no accident. If he did write it,  the "bound to increase with time" is just another lie -- Old Scratch is well aware after thousands of years that his "victory" is far from certain, and is in fact a guaranteed loss.

The US was a Christian nation (and a great one). BOistan is a tribal mess in rapid decline. God gave us free will, the nation chose to follow Satan, and it is in rapid decline -- no mystery there. "The Party" (TP-D) is proudly the party of Satan ... it may not seek to be, but man always serves, when he doesn't serve God, Satan is his master. As imperfect as it is, the Republican party is, it was the party of Christ while the US survived.

The power of God is also not a mystery -- world wide, Christianity is rapidly growing.
The global religious wildcard is China. Even today, demographers estimate that more Christian believers are found worshipping in China on any given Sunday than in the United States. Future trends, while difficult to predict because so much is below the religious radar, could dramatically drive down the world’s religious “nones.”
I'm cheating here -- my guess is that on the timeline we selected, China becomes a Christian Nation and is blessed, but it may well be one or more nations in Africa or South America where Christianity, the religion of blessing, has and is growing. We have free will, but I also believe that God has his finger on the scale -- he gave the US extended grace, we as a nation made a clear choice to die, as did Europe.

We could also seek repentance, although "Salon/Satan" would be highly disappointed and their faith would be shaken. Everyone has faith, the only question is "in what"?

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