Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Minnesota, Below Average

Do Liberal Policies Produce Economic Growth? No | Power Line:

As an avid listener of MPR, MN is definitely "above average", like ALL the children in Lake Woebegone.

That is certainly the constantly drummed in "perception" -- "Blue" policies are universally helpful and have no downsides -- one would have to be some sort of a "red state neanderthal" to not understand that left wing politics are always beneficial to all groups, health, goodness, general welfare, solvency, good looks, fun and well, EVERYTHING!

Certainly, only the evil or the terminally uninformed would ever consider doing anything as tawdry as an actual comparison. Go and look at the column, but as our long term plan includes leaving the perfect environs of old MN, I found the following chart to be especially appropriate.

What a lovely trend line -- losing high income people to the toon of a billion dollars in a two year period. Why, you would think that people with higher incomes have more choices and they vote with their feet -- but MPR assures us, that CAN'T be true!

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