Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Most Dangerous Six Months

The linked article isn't bad, but on the long side -- the obvious conclusion, Trump still has a chance and he would certainly be better than Hildebeast. 

What struck me however is the following paragraph. If I had been a general in the USSR in 1980 -- godless, amoral, patriotic, etc,  I would have launched 10 nukes or so into the US and rolled the tanks into Europe. Given Jimmuh a call on the phone and said:

 "It's over -- there is no advantage for you to end the world and kill 100's of millions of people ... Communism is simply the better system!

NY,  DC, LA, Pearl Harbor, Chicago and your major military bases are gone. If you unleash your submarine missiles, we will have our ICBMs in the air when they clear the surface. Both our nations will be utterly destroyed. As it is, your casualties are in the low 10's of millions, Europe will be ours inside a week, and the world will go on. Our system was inevitable anyway -- it just happened sooner than you expected." 

My reading of Carter is that he would have stood down. Apparently there was enough doubt in the Soviet high command that they let us survive that disaster of a president -- and it was their undoing.  

Now this. 
"Many of us have been saying for a year now that the last six months of the Obama administration will likely be the most dangerous interlude since the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 or the Carter meltdown of 1980. Restive aggressors abroad have long concluded that Obama is conflicted about American morality, power, and responsibility. After his faux deadlines, redlines, and step-over lines, his apologies, his mythographical speeches, and his deer-in-the-headlights reactions to overseas challenges, he appears to foreign opportunists to be indifferent to the consequences of American laxity and lead-from-behind withdrawal. "
The wild card for me with BO that never existed with Carter is that BO has declared that ending "the colonial powers" is his "dream" that he inherited from his father and grandfather.

Perhaps the "Iran deal" is deeper than we might otherwise imagine? I could easily imagine BO making a deal with pretty much any foreign power that would take him and his family to a safe and regal life. He has stated that "he is a citizen of the world", and his most emotional attachment is to his identity as a "Luo tribesman".

Say $100 Billion in payment, and his guarantee that no missile launch will be forthcoming from  BOistan -- perhaps the attack could even be covered as "terrorist". Again, 5-10 or even less nukes, with the added potential of a couple high EMP bursts that took out the whole electrical and communications system of BOistan for MONTHS (at a minimum). Pretty much nobody in the US would know what had happened or that we had surrendered until months after the fact.

By then, BO and family would be safely ensconced where they desired and a "New World Order" would be operational.

Do I "expect it"? No, but it is WAY more likely than a lot of the crazy ideas about "dangerous Donald".

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