Tuesday, August 02, 2016

MPR Preaches The Party Mythology

Trump's party is not your granddaddy's GOP, but it's been building over time | Minnesota Public Radio News:

"The Party" (TP-D) is a party of wonderful people -- they are the government, they fund MPR, both with the tax monies of unwilling funders and with the donations of loyal TP members. TP is goodness and light, the opposition is backward, racist, poorly educated, prone to clinging to guns and religion.

TP isn't really much for history, only small snippets that fit a narrative which glorifies TP. Gone down the memory hole is the fact that TP was the party of slavery, then of Jim Crow and segregation for 100 years. This article is a little rare because it DOES point out that REPUBLICANS broke the TP stranglehold in the Senate and passed the Civil Rights Act.
If you want a pivotal year in this history, you might choose 1964. The Civil Rights Act was passed because Republicans of that time provided the votes to break the filibuster by Southern Democratic senators. One Republican who did not support the bill was Barry Goldwater of Arizona, who won the party's presidential nomination that same summer. 
Goldwater won only five states outside his home state that November, and they were all in the Deep South. Four years later, Richard Nixon and his "Southern Strategy" reclaimed the White House for the Republicans. Despite Alabama Gov. George Wallace's third-party candidacy, Nixon won five states from the old Confederacy plus Oklahoma, Missouri and Kentucky.
Turns out that Goldwater believed in the Constitution and it's clauses on States Rights. He understood (correctly it turns out) that if those clauses were devalued, Washington would usurp the powers that were reserved for the states and the people. We used to live in a country where people could disagree and not call somebody a racist.

TP is the party of POWER over principle / truth / law / honor / loyalty / ANYTHING! Blacks were far better off under Jim Crow than they are under the thumb of TP. TP destroyed their culture and replaced it with a matriarchal structure without fathers, where the black man is replaced by the Federal Government and left to lives of addiction, drugs, crime and victimhood. BUT, TP, which was both the party of slavery and Jim Crow, now purchases over 90% of the black vote and keeps the black population enslaved to it's social programs.

See, Barry Goldwater created Donald Trump by way of Richard Nixon! The Republican Party is a bunch of RACISTS! It's a simple narrative. It happens to be completely false, but it is one of the core articles of faith to TP, so it is repeated like the Lords Prayer.

When you are the party of POWER, with no morals at all, plus control of the media, you can pretty much convince the sheep of whatever you want. As I've discussed many times, 5 or 6 thousand young black men  kill each other in TP controlled cesspools of cities and TP cares not at all. "Cops murder blacks" is an important narrative -- it may account for as many as 100 black deaths in a year while the urban policies of TP account for 50x that number of lives, but no matter. TP cares ONLY for power, and the "Black Lives Matter" helps them keep control of their captives.

Isn't it nice to see "public" radio spread a noxious calumny and call nearly half the country "racist" using millions of dollars of the money of the people that are being slandered!

Welcome to BOistan -- they aren't locking up their enemies yet, just calling them names. The end of the Constitution, the rigged system, the destruction of morals and the constant coarsening of debate -- indeed, even "public" media directly lying and calling names in the service of TP, none of THAT had anything to do with the rise of Trump.

Nope, it is all Barry Goldwater's fault! The level of gullibility of the BOistanians is remarkable.

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