Sunday, August 14, 2016

Never Trump, Building The Gallows

Never Trump Republicans Help Hillary Clinton | National Review:

First of all,  "eponymous" is getting a well deserved return to general speech. "Named after the person", as in Trump's eponymous tower.

Even when a flawed candidate promises to practice most of what the Right has preached for decades, and even as these desperately needed solutions enjoy a fighting chance of being signed into law by a President Trump, Crooked Hillary’s conservative comrades reject Trump – the only candidate who can stop Hillary. Instead, they are building the gallows on which the Left’s Lady High Executioner will hang their ideas until dead.
I love the line, but my point the last year is that those ideas are effectively dead already.  Education in the US became a godless socialist/communist/statist indoctrination camp 50 years ago, dedicated to prevent any independent thought at all, did the vast bulk of the execution, aided by a massive bureaucracy to stamp out incentives for innovation, hard work and risk taking. BO basically just pulled the lever to drop the trap-door on the gallows. 

Certainly Hildebeast will enjoy further desecration of the rotting body of Christianity, conservative thought, the family, individual responsibility, work and just any remaining stench of decency which she and "The Party" (TP-D) find to be such a horror. 

So the author falls into the trap of believing there is something worthy of saving yet in BOistan, when really the question is just if the cathedrals will have to be hung with the rotting bodies of Christian martyrs and sprayed with excrement to stand as monuments to the power of TP, or if they can just be quietly bulldozed and buried and the tiny remnant of believers ushered off to some prairie compound to to be "re-educated". 

Maybe the Trump slogan ]ought to be "give decency an honorable burial, don't let Hildebeast desecrate it with a coven of witches". 

The article is a worthy read -- Trump has done a good deal to make himself at least sound good to an actual conservative. Do I believe him -- no, but I'd like to.

I actually DO believe Hildebeast, as I believed BO and believe Satan's stated purpose. Just because you may be the father of lies or worship him, does not mean your purpose is obscure. As her and BO's mentor Saul Alinsky before them, they hate any remnant of "America" and such things as "morals" or "values", and will work tireless to see that they are destroyed by all means possible and further more, made as abhorrent as possible to the easily influenced minds of a set of young very nearly wholly corrupted by TP. 

I see Never Trump as the corrupt establishment wing of "conservative". They have fed at the shared trough too long and the LAST thing they want to see is that trough to be upset. 

Oh, if only decency still had a living body in this forsaken territory of BOistan to be hung! 

Trump does remind me of a few undertakers I've seen -- right down to the orange skin. 

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