Thursday, August 18, 2016

Not Yours To Think About

In one of her emanations, the Hildebeast coveted the wealth of Trump for "us" (which usually means "The Clinton Foundation" for her). Mich Albon, author of "Tuesday's With Morrie" (yet another book that I read but never blogged on)  had this to say:
“If you believe that he’s as wealthy as he says,” she said, killing the tax “would save the Trump family $4 billion. ... “Just think about what we could do with those $4 billion.”

I wish my mother were still alive. Just so she could say, “It’s not yours to think about.”
It's a good little short article that has that wistful sense of the time when we were America rather than BOistan and things like "what mother said", "wrong", and old tired ideas like "thrift" still resonated with most of the population.
This is dangerous and incendiary stuff. If we start getting excited about dead people’s money, it won’t stop at an artificial cutoff. Besides, it’s just wrong. It’s not ours to spend. It’s been through the tax ringer.
Albon chooses to not cover the main reason that I am against the estate tax. The GOOD of "inheritance".

America was a country where it was considered GOOD to amass wealth over multiple generations. It made things like "thrift" -- being "a good steward" an advantage to families that could raise children that "carried on the family tradition" which included growing wealth. It created the VERY real prospect that "your children would have it better than you" -- something lost in BOistan.

Everyone knows that BOistan is spending not only vast sums of current wealth, but even greater sums of what we know to be dwindling future wealth. America never had a president that failed to have even a single quarter of over 3% growth, it is no surprise that the first leader of BOistan has a hard time having 1% growth even after cooking the books!

BOistan is a nation of takers, not makers and it has no concept at all of "it isn't yours". You can't be a taker if you aren't willing to take! It is the chief qualification for a citizen or leader of BOistan!

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