Friday, August 19, 2016

Peter Thiel

The wild card in human history is PEOPLE. An example seems to be Peter Thiel, whose excellent "Zero to One" book I blogged on here.  Seems he is showing up a few places ...
Many media critics look down their noses at Gawker’s style, but they were enraged by the revelation that Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel helped bankroll Hogan’s lawsuit. A free press is an important institution in a democracy, but journalists don’t have any rights the rest of us don’t.

Not only did Thiel allegedly have an axe to grind – Gawker had outed him as gay in 2007 — but Thiel’s politics are unsavory in the eyes of many on the left; He’s a libertarian who’s supporting Donald Trump. (I suppose I should also disclose that he’s been a supporter of National Review, where I am a senior editor, though his support hasn’t stopped National Review from being a vocal critic of Thiel’s preferred candidate.)
The left is always interesting to watch on "privacy". Slick Willie can mash interns and rape wives of donors as long as he is in good standing with "The Party" (TP-D) -- it's "a private matter", and looking into it is "peering in others bedroom windows".

Is it really anyone's business if Thiel wants to have his sexual preference as a "private matter"? Well yes, certainly! He is apparently GAY ... which he ought to be completely happy to shout from the mountaintops! Especially since he is a libertarian -- no "hypocrisy", since they are fine with one being gay, drug addicted, or "whatever", but the idea that he would want his sexual preference PRIVATE is something that the left really can't abide in a gay person!

But what TP wants isn't exactly "free press", it is PROTECTED LIBERAL PRESS.
It’s certainly fair to argue against the merits of the verdict. But no one is above the law. Not even journalists, never mind corporations in the journalism business.
Ah TP is above the law! In fact, it is above ALL law, it IS the law!  Did you miss the Clinton FBI discussion? TP MUST be above the law -- it follows no law but it's own, and no truth but it's own. It's lies are to be holy writ to those of us unwashed masses that refuse to bow before power of TP. How else are they eventually going to prosecute, imprison and execute us so BOistan can be a "more civil place"?

Guys like Thiel are the "outliers" ... the "iconoclasts" that TP didn't count on and wants to DESTROY! As long as a few of those are alive, there is still hope -- they are the Solzhenitsyns shining in the dark archipelago of BOistan.

What a wonderful thing to see!

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