Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sex and Science

Liberal Views on Sexuality Debunked | National Review:

A well written column that covers the facts of sexuality and gender very succinctly and accurately based on the latest science. To refresh what has been covered in this blog many times:

  • Non-breeding sexual deviations are not adaptive. If it doesn't breed, it doesn't lead to a future in the world of biology. (apparently a lot of the modern left missed that class in HS biology)
  • Lots of things have "genetic roots" ... alcoholism, obesity, anxiety, depression, pedophilia, cancer, intelligence, athletic ability -- and on and on. In every case but sexuality, the assumption is that parenting, education, training, medicine, behavior modification, etc, etc can have an impact to channel the innate characteristic in a positive way. Except for sexual preference and gender according to the sexual preference and gender lobby.  
  • A stable marriage and solid family life show up as cornerstones of a healthy life in every statistic in existence -- happiness, longevity, health, wealth and meaning in life. That is why the left attempts at every point to destroy marriage and family -- broken people are more likely to seek the assistance of the state and begin a permanent cycle of despair and dependency, which plays directl into the hands of the ruling political party (The Party-TP D) 

Just read the column, it is WELL worth it.

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