Friday, August 26, 2016

The South Rises For Blacks

WaPo attempts to make the case that the Democratic Plantation has been very good for blacks ... so Trump's "what the hell do you have to lose" doesn't make sense. Tears would seem to be the right response to charts that show white males average income DROPPING from $56K to $52K since 1974, and black men (who have jobs) "improving" from $38K to $41K. White men lost $4K in 40 years and black men gained $3K -- so why isn't everyone HAPPY! 

Oh, the "gains" were all in the '80s, it has been pretty much flatline since them! 

But wait, some blacks ARE happier! In the SOUTH! 
"Stevenson and Wolfers found that the improvement was greatest in the South, where African Americans now report being no less happy, on average, than their white neighbors."
Uh, wain a minute. The SOUTH is all nasty "red country", home of the Republican "southern strategy". You mean to say that blacks are doing BETTER in the states that are slogging along under regressive REPUBLICAN rule?

Yup, that is what they say ... only they don't say it. They want to claim it is due to ...
Aggressive federal enforcement of civil-rights laws in that part of the country might have contributed to the shift for black Southerners.
Sure it did! Blacks are dying in droves in the big northern cities that are all under total Democrat control. I'm sure thousands of young black men shooting each other in the streets is a sign of their "happiness". Why, maybe even "Black Lives Matter" is a testament to the "progressive" policies in all these fully Democrat controlled African American utopias?

If you believe something like that, you must be a Democrat.

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