Saturday, August 27, 2016

Truth and Lost Reality

The title drew me in, but I'm not very impressed with the article in general. The problem isn't just "liberals", it is ALL OF US!

Human nature is to believe that we are ALL "above average" ... drivers, intelligence, goodness, spouses, friends, parents, etc.  Basic statistics would tell us that isn't reality, but we FEEL like it is, and in general, feeling that way is actually good for our mental health! If you don't feel that way at least most of the time, you are nearly certain to be depressed.

The old concept of "culture" involved a "higher power". Usually God, but stand-ins included the king, duke, earl, etc.. You could be "above average" for your class, rank, etc, but in the overall scheme of things, you "knew your place". That is a dirty concept in todays supposedly classless society where having equal OPPORTUNITY has been confused with equal RESULT. A quick glance NFL QB's, Olympic athletes, supermodels and even the checkout line at WalMart shows the fallacy of "we are all equal", but the force of coercion to lie about what we see is STRONG in BOistan.

Equal in the sight of God, but not equal in the sight of each other, and CERTAINLY not in the sight of the IRS "progressive" income tax!

The key to the current subjugation of BOistan is that everyone is at least fully AWARE of what reality they are SUPPOSED to subscribe to. As per the article, those that are not "liberals in good standing" are at least totally aware of what they are SUPPOSED to think. "Liberals"  are pretty much covered by the following ...
“Imagine the average day for liberals,” political columnist John Hawkins says. “They get up and read their local newspaper. It has a liberal viewpoint. They take their kids to school, where the teachers are liberal. Then they go to work, listen to NPR which has a liberal viewpoint on the way home, and then turn on the nightly news which also skews leftward.” It’s a terrifying reality that we now live in a society where only one side of the political spectrum is allowed to speak without being attacked. 
As Hawkins notes, “Unless liberals actively seek out conservative viewpoints, which is unlikely, the only conservative arguments they're probably going to hear are going to be through the heavily distorted, poorly translated, deeply skeptical lens of other liberals.” And it’s all rooted in a hatred of free speech."
It's really much worse than that. Asking a typical liberal to understand the viewpoint of a conservative is like asking a fish to explain "dryness". Conservatives are so used to being "attacked", the column author mistakes that for how discussion ought to occur in a free society. "We should ATTACK each other more"!

Humans, ALL OF US, are extremely poor at handling "reality" or "the truth".  That starts with death, pain and the instant fragility of life. All we know and love can be physically gone in the next instant. Beyond this, without God, what existence we have has been adjudged meaningless by pretty much all philosophers -- some, like Nietzsche think we ought to set up "supermen" to provide us with "new myths" to provide that meaning, but like Hitler, and Jack below, such "supermen" have a remarkable tendency to be psychopathic.

Given our condition, the godless choice is submission to state power or war-- a position very well stated by Islam, whose name means "submission", which is the only godless way to peace, as is found in socialism, communism and all forms of statism. The godless choice is "control vs chaos", left vs right.

"Peace" is gained by destroying your adversaries or at least forcing them to shut up if there are no transcendent values -- which is what the "left" (Satan) is always busy doing. The MEANS of achieving control is unimportant, as long as control is achieved -- violence is common, but sometimes people can be made to submit by mere propaganda, or even by making the act of "submission" seem like a "religion".

Western Civilization, and eventually the old United States was founded on the Christian difference, where Christ, and his Grace, Love and Forgiveness transcended the human condition and allowed a nation where both freedom and peace could be maintained as long as the nation predominately followed Christ.
John 8:31-32  So He said to the Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples. 32 Then you will know truth, and the truth will set you free."
Truth, Freedom and Peace -- not PERFECT truth, freedom and peace in this world, but pretty amazing never the less. Standards of living undreamed of for thousands of years of human history, life expectancies doubled and tripled, travel, rapid communication, literacy being common -- we went to the MOON!

However, "the cost" of the "old order" was the acceptance that "man was not the measure of all things". God, history, love, truth, etc were all part of that "bargain", and it was more than the left could stand. For them, "utopia" was entirely measured in human terms, which they were CERTAIN were the way to unlimited good, since their faith decreed that man had been created by randomness to be "good" (an abstract concept their science had no definition for beyond "works as specified")

Any case, what he was was "unlimited" -- "freedom" was "the absence of limits", so we began our brave new world founded on science where each man's "truth" is as good as all others and all are declared to be "equal" -- as long as they follow the rules that the dominant political party decrees.

Following these rules is "freedom", since these rules are made by man for man, they MUST be "good".

We abandoned THE TRUTH which is Christ, and arrived at "the truth of The Party" -- TP (D).

and TP saith it is good.

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