Tuesday, September 13, 2016

100% Of Political Supporters Racist

Yes, half of Trump supporters are racist - The Washington Post:

The fact is that 100% of humans "prefer people like them" -- it is wired into the wetware. As "liberals" have become more powerful, they DEMAND that people at least claim to be "like them", or they will throw one of their labels on them --- "racist, sexist, islamophobe, homophobe, climate denier, etc".

To a person capable of independent thought, it is obvious that screaming labels at somebody is taking part in exactly the same kind of generalization, objectification, stereotyping, etc that the accuser (TP) is accusing their target of. They are merely taking advantage of the fact that their tribe is dominant, so they can place the label, write the articles, and demand that everyone agree with their position or the targets unwillingness to bow is taken as proof of their label being "real", while TP is "right".  As they say, "it is good to be king" (in the dominant party).

"Trump supporters (or half of them) are racist, white, elderly, disaffected, uneducated, angry, less intelligent, afraid of losing status, etc, etc" is the same type of statement as "Blacks are prone to crime, poorly educated, emotional, on welfare, lazy, violent, unpatriotic, etc". Like all generalizations, there is both truth and falseness in both cases, but for the dominant party ("The Party" (TP-D)), the first generalization is pretty much gospel, where the second is "racist".

As Kierkegaard said "Once you label me, you negate me". The power to reduce a person to a mere label is a truly awesome power. The fact that TP is able to increasingly accomplish this and hold sway over so many minds who are either too brainwashed or too afraid to question the power of TP lest THEY be labeled shows how totalitarian our situation has become.

The proper label for TP is FASCIST -- using raw power and complete absence of morals to declare their position to be "godlike" merely on the basis of raw political power.

Christianity gives mankind a potential to rise above our condition by declaring that ALL are flawed and power is meaningless next to morality, which is transcendent. (might has no bearing on RIGHT!!) Take transcendence away, and the only possible order is based on power and coercion rather than love and the God given order which created Western civilization.

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