Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Sowell That Matters

Thomas Sowell: Education, and other racial issues | New Hampshire:

Just go read it, it is brilliant. I've made attempts to discuss all these issues in this blog, but I lack Sowell's intellect, education, writing talent and standing as a black man to discuss them. He covers minimum wage, police interaction and education with a force I will never muster.

A teaser:

Despite all the dire social problems in many black ghettos across the country, problems that are used to excuse widespread academic failures in ghetto schools, somehow ghetto schools run by KIPP and Success Academy turn out students whose academic performances match or exceed the performances in suburban schools whose kids come from high-income families. 
What is even more astonishing is that charter schools are being opposed, not only by teachers’ unions who think that schools exist to provide guaranteed jobs for their members, but also by politicians, including black politicians who loudly proclaim that “black lives matter.”

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