Monday, September 12, 2016

Aspirational Pneumonia

Rockin’ pneumonia: A unifying diagnosis | Power Line:

We've come a long way since the 1970's when Chevy Chase pretty much made a career of making fun of Gerald Ford falling ...

A comedian that tried that today would likely turn up dead from a tragic home weight lifting accident.

Back in '92, Arsenio Hall, then a late-night host had this to say:
"Excuse me, George Herbert, irregular heart-beating, read-my-lying-
lipping, slipping in the polls, do nothing, deficit raising, make
less money than Millie the White House dog last year, Quayle-
loving, sushi-puking Bush. I don't remember inviting your ass to
my show. I don't need you on my show. My ratings are higher than
--Arsenio Hall, on his June 11 show.
Making fun of the Republican  candidates health is a very funny joke. Democrat candidates? Not so much.

The linked PL article raises a good question -- assuming it IS pneumonia (and that is a BIG if), why does a supposedly otherwise healthy 70 year old woman come down with pneumonia in September?

Other than "So she can avoid debating Trump", the answer "aspiration pneumonia" makes pretty good sense. Her own previous testimony talks of concussions, blood clots, and neurologic difficulties bad enough so she completely forgot a series of briefings on e-mail servers and security classifications. Naturally, she may well be lying over those problems as well -- with Hillary, never assume the truth when a lie could be the case.

Elderly people with neurologic issues end up "aspirating"  (breathing) food into the lungs which rots their and causes an infection -- aspiration pneumonia.  Elderly people with neurologic issues also stumble, cough, and even talk about "buckets of deplorables" ... when other choices of words might play better.

We have known she was a SICK woman since she married Bill ... if they are both dying of some venereal disease,  the justice of God would come to mind.

My guess is she had a stroke / fall / complications of one or both and is trying to stumble on to power, because POWER is her only good.

We can only hope she melts ...

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