Monday, September 05, 2016

Believe The DNC Or Your Lying Eyes?

Take the time to go look at it -- she is in GREAT shape! My eyes and yours are broken.

The DNC has assured us that Hidebeast is in fine fettle -- ready to shake down all manner of rouges, potentates and sheiks for millions in booty to the Clinton Fund (Funds -- For Clintons).
Clinton's conservative opponents have sought to raise questions about her health, though they have produced no evidence to indicate she is unwell. 
A doctor for the Democratic presidential nominee wrote a public letter in July of 2015 saying she has no serious health issues
Hey DNC said in July of 2015 that she is healthy? Why are we even looking at video? -- she is in GREAT SHAPE! ... and wasn't that just so "strong" how she brought Trump into it? !

I suppose that in BOistan, "health" is a VERY relative term. Take some BO, add Hildebeast,  and you get "Stronger Together" ... makes perfect sense, since Hildebeast is #2!

The stench has gotten pretty damned strong around BOistan.

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