Friday, September 02, 2016

Expensive Health

I hit "publish" rather than save on this one -- "user error".

The bottom line is (surprise, surprise) is healthcare costs are skyrocketing under BOcare and they did the same last year. He promised to "save" everyone "$2,500 a year" on their healthcare, and in general, they have had to spend many thousands more each year -- which has been our case.

Naturally he also promised that BOcare was a "guaranteed win", since if you didn't like the new cheaper healthcare he was going to give you, you could always "keep what you had". That was a lie as well -- "what you had" was forced to meet the new BOcare requirements for acceptance of existing conditions, what was covered, coverage for kids up to 26, everyone having to pay for pre-natal care, delivery, abortion, birth control, etc, so the "healthcare you had" typically became totally unaffordable.

This tends to be a "minimal news story". You read through this and you get the impression that "it probably doesn't apply to you", but in fact, IT ALREADY HAS. You already pay more, have higher deductibles, co-pays, etc and THEY ARE ALSO GOING UP, although maybe your employer has chosen to pay some, or maybe they "spread the increase". You tend to not lower a higher maximum out of pocket if you are a young healthy person. It doesn't hit you until you get sick ...

Which is the old essence of "Nationalized Medicine" or "Single Payer". It doesn't hit you that it is crap until you get sick. National Health is a lot like paying your brother in law for fire insurance, having a fire, and finding out he was just spending your "premiums" and is dead broke.

BOcare is that kind of VERY expensive fire insurance applied to health -- only the premiums go up WAY more than your brother in law as likely to have raised your fire insurance from year to year, since he wasn't a totalitarian government.

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