Monday, September 26, 2016

Fortune 100 CEOs Endorse Trump!

Who are the most evil people in BOistan? Well, other than Christians and Republicans I mean.

Fortune 100 CEOs!

They are greedy. They are a prime examples of the scourge of BOistan's 2nd greatest problem (right after Climate Change), INCOME INEQUALITY! They are poster children for the hated 1%.

The are grossly overpaid. They abuse their workers endlessly, they send jobs overseas, they price their products to maximize the profits for their companies. Why just recently were we not whipped into a frenzy over Epipen?

These people are pure evil, but yet, they refuse to support the current prime nexus of evil in the universe -- Trump.

Unsurprisingly, over 1/3 of them supported Ritchie Rich Romney, the racist high school bully who thought that Russia was a rival rather than a staunch ally. He of "The 1980's called, they want their foreign policy back". Wow, that BO is a brilliant guy!

What is SHOCKING is that 11 of these vermin support Hillary!

The Journal reports that the 11 CEOs that back Clinton have donated more than $30,000 to her campaign.
One is aghast that the healthiest presidential candidate in US history would stoop to accept donations from these cretins. Whatever could she be thinking? Why, we know that "The Party" (TP-D) is "looking out for the little guy".  Hildebeast is "no friend of Wall Street" (she just turns $600K tricks for them, she doesn't LIKE them).

Let's cut the crap.

Trump has certainly exposed the collusion and corruption between the two political parties, the Washington bureaucracy, world money directed by "Davos Man" and yes, Fortune 100 CEOs. Establishment Republicans, Democrats, Wall Street, CEOs and the Davos directed world finance industry HATE TRUMP! He is a threat to their cozy gravy train, and they do not like their gravy threatened.

The fact that 11 of these TP created paper pariahs support Hildebeast and none support Trump is in itself a YUGE endorsement of Trump!

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